2月の旭川の木_Trees in Asahikawa in February


The red nuts of the rowan tree, which is designated as the Asahikawa Citizen’s Tree, shines in the snow. The red berries are a feast for migratory birds in winter.


Platanus trees are planted along the back approach to Kamikawa Shrine in Kaguraoka, making it one of Japan’s leading sycamore trees.


Platanus trees have been used in roadside plantings since ancient Greece for the purpose of providing shade. The tree-lined streets, together with the nearby stylish sweets shops and association buildings, form a unique European landscape. The image is a plane tree leaf on an autumn day.


The line of sycamore trees on an autumn day is also unique.

THE SUN 蔵人(読:ざ・さんくろうど)本店へ行こう

 プラタナス並木沿いに「THE SUN 蔵人 本店」は位置します。重厚な石造りの建物は目立つため、建物外観での記念撮影が旭川の観光スポットになっており、沢山の観光客がお土産を購入しに来ています。

“THE SUN Kuroudo Main Store” is located along the sycamore trees. The solid stone building stands out, so taking a commemorative photo with the exterior of the building has become a sightseeing spot in Asahikawa, and many tourists come to buy souvenirs.


A description of the stone building is posted. It seems that the stone storehouse that survived the harsh winter of Asahikawa was rebuilt. Quaint.


On the day I visited the store, there were already many customers.


A lot of delicious sweets. There is also an advertisement for sweets for Hinamatsuri, and it seems that these need to be ordered separately.



The shop is filled with confectionery and bread, and it’s fun just looking at them. We live in a world where prices are skyrocketing these days. The unit price is also around 100 yen to 200 yen, and it is easy on the wallet.


Pork buns (350 yen) are recommended on cold days.


Butaman is wrapped in a simple bag.


The contents of the bag of pork buns are like this.

THE SUN 蔵人の豚まんは、どっしりしており非常に食べごたえがあります。

THE SUN Kuroudo steamed pork buns are heavy and very filling.

 豚まんの中には、肉あんがぎっしり詰まっています。THE SUN 蔵人は、お菓子屋さんではありますが、冬は豚まんが一番人気なのでは?と思うくらい大人気で、おすすめです。

The pork buns are filled with meat filling. THE SUN Kuroudo is a sweets shop, but isn’t pork buns the most popular in winter? It’s so popular that I think it’s recommended.


Shoe roll “Platanus Namiki” is also purchased.


There is no problem with refrigerated sweets in winter, but you need to be careful about storage in summer.


A delicious choux roll that tastes like a row of sycamore trees.


Mugwort daifuku was also on sale.


The flavor of mugwort and the chewy texture are very delicious.


I also bought sweet and salty mitarashi dumplings. The combination with fragrant mochi is irresistible.


Apple pie is also on sale, so buy it without hesitation.


I can’t get enough of the pie dough.


The inside is filled with apples, and when you eat it, you will feel very happy.


Don’t forget to buy the large dorayaki “Hojogura”.


The fluffy dorayaki dough promotes eating.


The chewy dorayaki dough is filled with plenty of red bean paste. The sweets of Za・Sankuroudo are very delicious Japanese sweets with elegant sweetness.


The specialty “Kamamushigura” 140 yen is also on sale.


It has a very elegant sweetness and you can eat as many as you like. I’m always impressed by how cheap and delicious it is.

 とてもレベルの高いお菓子が、お安く買い求めることができるお菓子屋さんです。うちの家では「THE SUN 蔵人」が大人気で、いつも美味しいお菓子を販売いただき感謝です!

This is a sweets shop where you can buy high-quality sweets at a low price. “THE SUN Kuroudo” is very popular at my house, and I am grateful that they always sell de


I bought a lot of warm pork buns and delicious sweets before heading home on the cold winter road. I think it would be nice if I could come back to the store again soon, but on the other hand, I have a great appetite in winter and I don’t think I’ll lose weight.

 旭川市に行った際は、THE SUN 蔵人本店は必ず立ち寄りたい場所です。早く温かい春が来てほしいですね。

When you go to Asahikawa City, THE SUN Kuroudo Honten is a place you definitely want to stop by.I hope the warm spring will come soon.


Thank you for reading to the end.

THE SUN 蔵人 本店 地図_Map