009_Hokkaido Niseko 4 Recommended Places to Stop by



At my home, I like the Niseko district, where you can see Mt. Yotei, which is called Ezo Fuji in Hokkaido.


At my home, I like the Niseko district, where you can see Mt. Yotei, which is called Ezo Fuji in Hokkaido.


The Niseko area is a popular resort area, with a forest of high-class hotels and a luxurious atmosphere, but in our ordinary home, we go around places where we can go sightseeing without spending too much money.


Here are 4 recommended places in Niseko that you can enjoy without spending too much money.

道の駅「ニセコビュープラザ」とお茶の販売店ルピシア_Roadside station “Niseko View Plaza” and tea shop Lupicia


Seasonal vegetables are sold at low prices at the roadside station “Niseko View Plaza”, and they are very helpful at home.


Hand sanitizer is placed at the entrance of the crowded store, and vinyl infection prevention measures are provided at the cashier counter, showing concern for the new corona infection.


There is “Tea shop Lupicia” across the road from the roadside station.


At our store, you can buy Japanese tea that complements you, and you can also buy unusual things such as bread with tea leaves at a relatively reasonable price.


This place is very useful if you want to buy fresh vegetables and freshly brewed tea.

ニセコ駅と駅周辺_Niseko station and around the station


It opened as Makkari Station in 1904 (Meiji 37) and changed the station name several times to become the current Niseko Station.


The current Niseko station building has a stylish appearance that was renovated in 1988 from the JNR station building that was rebuilt in 1965.


Welcome letters are printed on the stained glass that resort guests look up at when they visit.


There is also a coffee shop inside the station building.


The steam locomotive (9600 type 9632), nicknamed Kuroku, and the Niseko Express, which has been active as a resort train connecting Sapporo and Niseko, the turntable, and the water tower are also on display.


As you can see in the image, the history of the station building and the train is also exhibited, and you can feel the love for the train and the station building.


There are rental cycles, bus stops, Kira-no-yu, FM Niseko broadcasting places, etc. near the station building, making it an area that can be enjoyed by a variety of people, including those who are interested in railways.


Beautifully planted flowers are in bloom in front of the station building.

双子のサクランボの木_Twin cherry trees


About 10 minutes by car from the roadside station “Niseko View Plaza”, there is a “twin cherry tree” that is also on the Niseko pamphlet.


The colors of the fields and trees change depending on the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and I often visit for commemorative photos at this popular photography spot.


It is a popular place for photography, and many onlookers, including tourists, visit the site.


The area around the photo shoot is a farmer’s field, so be careful not to step into the field when visiting.


It is a place where you can experience the magnificent nature of Niseko, and it is a scenery that you want to cherish forever.

セイコーマートひらふ店_Seicomart Hirafu store


The Seicomart Hirafu store is located down the Hirafuzaka slope in the Niseko Hirafuzaka district.


In order to accommodate visitors from overseas, we have a unique lineup that is different from other Seicomart stores.


Many English notations can be seen in the stores, indicating that most of the visitors are from overseas.


Brioche bread, which is native to England, is on sale as an assortment.


Of course, it’s Seicomart, so I also have my favorite chicken fried chicken “Zangi” and croissants.


I like these items at home and often buy them when I visit the store.


If you want to buy daily necessities or unusual overseas items, visit the Secomart Hirafu store.


These are the 4 recommended places to visit in Niseko. We hope that you will drop in according to your needs.