013_ Introducing the purchase of sampouroku bargains at Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Obihiro City



We would like to introduce you to the sweet pier garden store in Ryugetsu, a sweets maker in Obihiro City, in July 2021.



At the same store, the pieces that are sold just before the opening of the store, which are similar to Baumkuchen called sampouroku , are sold at exceptional prices and are gaining popularity. There will be a line.


I also arrived at 8:30 and joined the queue. The image below is an introduction of recommended products on the day by a clerk for those who wait in line. The clerk cheerfully introduces the product and conveys the appeal of the product.



In addition, the restrooms in the store have been opened so that visitors can go in line, giving consideration to visitors.



The store opens at 9 am, and people in line are sucked into the store.


営業終了時間は画像通り、夏期間と冬期間で異なります。夏季(4月第3月曜日から11月4日まで)は午前9:00から午後18:00、冬季(11月5日から4月第3日曜日まで) は午前9:00から午後17:00と日暮れが速い冬が短くなっています。

As you can see in the image, the closing time differs between summer and winter. Summer (3rd Monday to 4th April) from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm and winter (5th November to 3rd Sunday April) from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm Winter, when the nightfall is fast, is getting shorter.



How to purchase the bargain items (cut pieces) of sampouroku is posted. Only one bargain item is available per person, and a numbered ticket is distributed 30 minutes before the store opens, and the numbered ticket and the product are exchanged.


There was also a photo spot with a date in front of the store.


I will line up with my family and receive a numbered ticket for a bargain of small split plain and melon flavor 30 minutes before the store opens. Unfortunately, depending on the number of people in the line, some items cannot be purchased if they are lined up late, so it is not always possible to purchase them, so be careful when visiting.



As a measure against infectious diseases, there is a disinfectant solution at the entrance before entering the store to disinfect the hands and fingers.


Even in the store, the lines are lined up in an orderly manner in front of the product receiving area and the checkout counter as shown in the image below.



In the store, coffee that visitors can drink for free at the eat-in corner was also prepared as shown in the image.


In the showcase inside the store in the image below, dolls made from sweets are also on display, which is pleasing to the eyes of visitors.


A tour course for making sweets is also available at our store.


The appearance of the old store is reproduced with sweets, and the details are reproduced with the ingredients of the sweets and you will be impressed.


Annotated introduction about the diorama of an old store made of sweets introduced in the previous image. Since it is read during the waiting time, it will be a good time killing when waiting in line.


There is an eat-in corner inside the store, which is equipped with desks, chairs, and alcohol wet wipes as shown in the image below.


There is also an experience workshop for making sweets, and the contents are displayed.


They are lined up in the order of purchase of bargain items on sampouroku , and when you approach the sales cash register, you will see the prepared bargain items.



The prices of bargain items on sampouroku are displayed. The large one (1Kg) is 550 yen including tax, the large matcha flavor (1Kg) is 650 yen including tax, the Hokkaido melon flavor (500g) is 400 yen including tax, and the small split (500g) is 350 yen including tax. Considering that the usual sampouroku -plain flavor is 220g and the price is 680 yen including tax, you can buy bargain items at a very low price.


I also bought Kowari and Hokkaido melon flavor. The total weight of the two is 750 yen and the weight is 1 kg. There is a very good deal.


There is an introduction of sweets making experience such as experience menu near the cash register, and it seems to be fun and you will see it.


There is an introduction of sweets making experience such as experience menu near the cash register, and it seems to be fun and you will see it.


There are also terrace seats outside the store. The image is the entrance to the terrace seats.


The scenery inside the store is as shown in the image below, and many delicious products are lined up.


In addition to the products that can be purchased at regular stores, there are also products that are unique to the coffee shop that cannot be eaten at other stores, and it is worth visiting the Sweetpia Garden store.



It is possible to ship to a distant place, and there is also an invoice entry corner for courier services.


There are plenty of refrigerated products, so you won’t get tired of watching them.



Near the entrance of the store, there is a bus stop for Kushiro Airport instead of the nearest Obihiro Airport, which seems to be popular not only as a sweets shop but also as a tourist spot.



A gardening corner is also available on the premises of the store, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy seasonal flowers.


We hope that everyone will drop in at the Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden store, where you can enjoy various ways.


Thank you for reading until the end.


◇柳月 スイートピアガーデン_ Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden

住所 河東郡音更町下音更北9線西18-2

電話 0155-32-3366